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let us come to you for a change!

Accessible automotive service

Wheel Easy comes to your home to complete the seasonal tire swap right in your driveway, leaving you with more time for the important things 

Proudly serving London, Ontario and the surrounding area since 2021

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At Wheel Easy, our goal is to make automotive service easier for busy folks like you

Forget the hassles of waiting around the shop for hours or asking for rides - our certified technicians will come to your house and complete the work right in your driveway, with minimal impact on your day

Dennis the mechanic swapped both my car's tires this morning - his level of service was superb. Saved me from even touching the tires at all, which saved me days of back pain. I didn't even have to take them down or put them in my car to take somewhere. He also checked and inflated the tires, saving me more time. Gold level of service...!


9am - 6pm

7 days a week

Contact for specific time slot

London, Ontario



519 870-4546


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