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Case Study - Our Earliest Customers

2007 Jaguar XK black 4.2L Dennis Ho Wheel Easy
We both learned a lot about Jags along the way

Wheel Easy Mobile Automotive Service makes life easier for busy working professionals by providing convenient at-home auto service, saving drivers the time and hassle of traveling to the repair shop and waiting around with the car. Over 85% of people report waiting over an hour at the shop, and 44% say they’ve waited over two hours during their most recent visit.

Today, we’ll showcase how Wheel Easy’s mobile service model has helped some of our earliest (and busiest!) adopters - V and his sons.

Over 85% of people have waited over an hour at the repair shop for their vehicle

V reached out to our team in June of 2022 for a tire swap on his Mercedes C300 - a little late to be taking the winter tires off, but the family had been so busy moving into a new home and running multiple businesses. Dennis the technician came right to their home in East London and completed the tire swap in the driveway, saving them the time of getting the car to the shop.

V’s sons both had several vehicles as well - five in total. The potential for simplifying car service for all of these vehicles was apparent - getting this fleet to and from the auto shop would be a time-consuming hassle, and compounding this was the frequent need for the vehicles for business travel and other events. Unfortunately, this had manifested in some necessary service being delayed and some avoidable problems arising - the late tire swap wearing out the winter tires, cooling system issues on both the CTS and the 07 XK, and various lighting system problems on several of the cars.

2007 Jaguar XK Coolant Expansion Tank
One of the culprits

Wheel Easy coming right to their site meant that the times they could book service were much more flexible; instead of having to find an appointment time when someone was available to bring the car to the shop and wait around (or have another person ready to give them a ride), any window that the vehicle was available for a few hours was a time that we could come to get issues resolved. Most of a vehicle’s life is spent in the driveway, available to be serviced (if you drive 1 hour a day, over 95% of the vehicle’s life is spent sitting!) Combined with flexible operating hours, Wheel Easy has been able to find times to get all of the issues sorted for them; through three appointments, the list of services includes:

  • Tire swap and several light bulbs were replaced on the C300.

  • Rewired HID headlight and resolved PCV issues on the CTS.

  • Trouble code diagnostics on the 2001 Jaguar XK.

  • Replaced coolant expansion tank and bled the cooling system, fixed inoperable washer fluid spray system, replaced hood supports and various light bulbs on the 2007 Jaguar XK.

Wheel Easy math
We did the math - it checks out

All of this with minimal impact on the regular day-to-day life of these busy guys! The family set up appointment times when the target vehicle was not in use, and Wheel Easy’s technicians came to the house and completed the necessary work as the vehicle’s driver could continue on with business meetings, personal matters, or even spending time with us, learning more about the mechanical operation of some of these systems.

2007 Jaguar XK 4.2L black Dennis Ho Wheel Easy
Perks of the job!

We’re glad we met this busy family and had the opportunity to simplify auto service for them. They definitely seem happy to have met us as well!

As Winter is upon us, don't drive all the way to a dealership or auto shop. See more of what our driveway service is all about at, check out our Google Reviews, and book your tire swap with us today!

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