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5 Ways to Avoid Car Repair Scams

Finding a good car mechanic can be hard!

When your car needs repairs or maintenance you'll need to pick a car mechanic! The decision can be difficult with so many options it's hard to find someone reliable. It's important when you're searching to also ensure you avoid scams.

Mechanics can sometimes use the information asymmetry with their customers to their advantage by recommending repairs or maintenance that aren’t necessary. In many cases, scare tactics could be used, along the lines of “major repairs will be necessary if you don’t take care of this now," though this can cost you much more than you need!

Here are five tips for avoiding scams from car mechanics:

1. Google It! 🔎

If a technician says you need a repair or maintenance, a quick Google search can sometimes let you know some details about the service recommended and anything else you need to be aware of!

2. Find a trusted advisor 👥

Mom, dad, a car-savvy friend, or a trusted local mechanic (like us!) can sometimes weigh in on items recommended by a mechanic and let you know what they think. You can request a free quote from Wheel Easy to get a reliable second opinion.

3. Keep an open mind 💭

In many cases, technicians aren’t trying to scam you - they are looking out for you and your car’s best interests, or trying to observe the vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule. Try to understand what they are recommending and why don’t go in with a pessimistic view that they will be trying to scam you. Understanding the vehicle’s maintenance schedule can help.

4. Use a trusted mechanic with good reviews or through a referral

People with cars often have “their guy” who is good to them. Finding and sticking with a trusted mechanic can be a great way to have confidence that what you’re being told is on the level. Additionally, if they can keep all your car’s records together, it could be beneficial in effectively maintaining your vehicle long-term. If you're looking for a trusted car mechanic in London, with over 100 5-star reviews Wheel Easy can be your reliable technician.

5. Get your own eyes on the problem 👀

This can be tricky sometimes, especially when the problem is not visually apparent. However, if suspension components are reported to be loose, parts are worn, or fluid needs replacement, there is some indication to the technician that this is a problem. Good advisors and technicians should be able to easily communicate these issues with you by showing you and explaining the issue to you.

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