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The Story So Far - Part 2

Hello again from Dennis! I posted “The Story So Far” in January 2022; a lot has happened since then, so I thought it was a good time to catch you up on my entrepreneurial journey and how Wheel Easy has been growing so far.

Learning As We Go

As many of you know, Wheel Easy started as a New Venture Project in my final year at Ivey Business School. As I rounded out my time at Western and Ivey, I found incredible value in going through my final classes with the context my fledgling business in the background; I could apply concepts learned in Revenue Management to my service offerings and pricing decisions, think about sustainability elements of the business in Corporations and Society, and got the chance to develop a marketing plan with my group in Strategic Marketing.

I also had the chance to enter several business plan and pitch competitions. In the Ivey Business Plan Competition, we placed 3rd overall, and in the Stu Clark New Venture Championships, we placed 2nd in business plan and 2nd in elevator pitch (watch it here!) - we were the only business to place in both, and I was the only solo founder to place in either. These opportunities gave me the incredible opportunity to tune my pitch and plan, helping me understand every aspect of Wheel Easy intimately. We also collected some award money which helped immensely in launching after graduation.

Our first ever social media post! Back then, building a profile seemed like a huge task. But if you never start, you’ll never get there