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Case Study - Greg @ The Renaissance II

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

On November 13, 2021, Wheel Easy visited the Renaissance II at 330 Ridout St. in London to swap the tires on Greg’s two vehicles - a 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan and a 2018 Audi Q5. With work commitments and a family, Greg was exceedingly busy and couldn’t find time to get to the shop. In fact, he could only meet with us quickly between work and errands!

Greg’s two sets of large SUV tires were stored in his small apartment storage cage, taking up most of the space. We helped him roll them out (a bit of a challenge through two sets of doors), load them into our service truck, and drive them to his vehicles in the parking garage. While he continued on with his day, we completed the swaps on his two vehicles right in their parking spaces. After the swaps, we offered Greg tire storage at our shop, which he accepted, simplifying the process of storing the all-season tires this season, and getting them back on next season.

Overall, Greg’s day was minimally impacted with mobile service compared to hauling the tires out of storage into one vehicle, getting to the shop and make the first swap, returning home and get the other vehicle and set of tires, and then getting back to the shop for the next swap. Instead, he simply met us for a few minutes at the beginning and the end, and in between, he could carry on with his day. He even had a meeting during the time while we were working! Now that we have stored Greg's tires, in the spring, it will be an even easier process - he'll just call us, let us into the parking garage, and we'll make the swaps again!

2023 EDIT - since this swap in Fall 2021, we've now been back to see Greg in Spring 2022 and Fall 2022, each time bringing the tires with us and making the swap even easier!

Wheel Easy is eager to help give more people this same experience of convenient, at-home service, where their schedule is minimally impacted when completing this basic automotive service.

Contact us to learn more and bookmark us for your next tire swap, or book right now with a just a few clicks!

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