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No more sticker stickler - plate renewal is still required, but now it's free and no more sticker

Ontario License Plate Sticker
Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey heyyy....

If you live in Ontario, you may have heard that you no longer need to renew your license plate sticker.

That's true!

As of March 13, 2022, Ontario has eliminated the coloured sticker that goes in the top right corner of your license plate. Additionally, the annual $120 fee has been dropped.

Additionally, the province will backdate this change to March 2020 and will issue refunds if you have already paid. There are some conditions on when you'll receive your refund, but if you have the correct address listed (you can change it here), you should receive it by the end of May 2022. If you still haven't, you can call 1-888-333-0049. Find more information here.

PLEASE NOTE - Scams have been reported to ServiceOntario from individuals receiving text messages claiming to provide the sticker refund through a fraudulent link. DO NOT open or click these links - the refund is sent automatically, and if you don't receive it, only call the number above or contact ServiceOntario.

Notice about sticker refund scam - Ontario
This notice is on the ServiceOntario page - stay sharp out there

But not so fast.. we aren't free of ServiceOntario yet!

ServiceOntario Location in London Ontario
The big, green, time-consuming machine

Many people have asked us if you still need to renew your license periodically.

The answer to that is YES.

You still need to renew your license (and there is still an option to do one or two years). You don't have to pay, and you will not receive a sticker to put on the plate, but you still need to check in with ServiceOntario and update your mileage (and clear up any tickets you owe!)

The renewal date is usually your birthday, or every other birthday if you select the two year option. The mailed paper renewal notices have been discontinued, but you can easily set up digital reminders that you will receive by email, text message, or phone call - I've set up mine for 30 and 60 days before the due date. You can also set up these reminders for your driver's license or health card.

To complete your renewal, you can still visit your local ServiceOntario office (in London, I've found that the one downtown provides especially great service). Alternatively, you can also complete the process online or by mail.

What you'll need to renew your license plate:

  • Your license plate number.

  • Your permit number (on your green vehicle ownership slip, the permit number is in bold - one letter followed by seven numbers).

  • Your insurance company name and policy number.

  • Your vehicle's odometer reading (the current mileage).

  • All outstanding fines paid - you can pay moving violation fines online, but you will have to visit ServiceOntario to pay parking violations or highway toll fines.

Ontario vehicle and plate permit with permit number
Your Ontario vehicle permit - the permit number is in large text near the bottom

Pretty simple! A lot hasn't changed; mainly that there is no longer a fee, and you won't get the mail reminder. Don't forget to set your online reminders and you'll be good to go!

Feel free to reach out or leave a comment if you have any more questions, and the next time you need automotive service, repair, or advice, book with Wheel Easy for convenient, at home auto service. You can also join our mailing list to keep in the loop with our new offerings.

Hope to see you out there!

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