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Have a Flat Tire?

Having a flat tire can ruin your day. Even worse, not repairing a flat

can cause permanent damage, meaning you'll have to purchase a new tire.

Get your flat repaired right where you are and save the hassle of the shop and the need to buy a new tire.

Starting at $75, depending on your location

We will do our best to get to you ASAP

Call or text Dennis at 519-870-4546


At this point, Wheel Easy only has the capability of performing a "plug" tire repair. 

This is a temporary measure only; once your tire is plugged, you should take it to the shop to get a patch installed in the inside liner of the tire.

IF WE CAN'T REPAIR YOUR TIRE, we'll be happy to install your spare tire to get you on your way.

Wheel Easy is working to prepare the equipment necessary for these permanent inside patch repairs.

Proudly serving London, Ontario since 2021



1. Re-inflate tire (30+ psi)

2. Identify location of injury (spraying with soapy water)

3. Remove foreign object from injury if present

4. Ream out injury to create consistent hole

5. Install plug element

6. Cut off excess plug element material

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